Patricia’s High School Photo Album

Posted on: August 19, 2015

I found this large photo album at an antique shop a year or two ago at a thrift shop called City Thrift. It sat in my living room along with a bunch of other old photo albums I had and I had forgotten that it had photos in it as the others were all empty. I rediscovered it when I posted the others for sale in my Etsy antique shop Baudelaire Antiques.


The album wasn’t full, just the first few pages had photos and clippings and the rest had remnants of the rest of the contents having been ripped off the pages.  But it had enough information for me to find it’s original owner, a young girl that graduated Chaffee High School in Chaffee, Missouri in 1947.  I used and to find her and eventually contacted her on Facebook on 8 August 2015.

She now lives in Memphis, Tennessee with her family and was absolutely thrilled to hear that I had found her album. When her family moved her to be with them, she lost many of her own things and the album was one of her things that was accidentally slipped into the thrift shop boxes.

After speaking on the phone with Patricia, we decided to meet up at a local library so she could pick up her album. She was really sweet and happy to receive the it back. And I really enjoyed being able to return it in person.

I returned the album to Patricia on 19 August 2015.


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