Month: December 2012

Lost In The Mail

This is a photo of Harold. I bought his photo at Sheffield Antique Mall. When I researched his name on, I noticed that the photo scanned to the website was the exact same photograph, creases, rips, and all!!! I contacted the owner, Donna, of the family tree and the only explanation we could come up with was that when she mailed it back to her cousin it was lost in the mail. Crazy!


Daddy’s brother was nicknamed Tuffy. Only the family called him that. He died in the drunk tank (Jail) in the late 1960’s in Oklahoma. What possesed you to buy it? Uncle Tuffy was not that gorgeous of a guy. Mom said his face was pock-marked from what must have been bad acne as a teenager.” – Donna

I returned the photograph to Donna on 17 December 2012.