Month: February 2015

My Mom’s Favourite Necklace

About ten years ago my parents’ house was robbed and the thief stole a lot, if not all, of the jewelry. One of my mom’s favourite necklaces, a star necklace my father had given her in 1975, was among them. She has been upset about losing that necklace ever since. On 25 February 2015, I […]


Juanita’s Wedding

I got these papers, along with a bunch of others not belonging to Juanita, at Antique Warehouse a few months ago.  They came in a wonderful old suitcase which I didn’t take the time to go through until just last week. Juanita got married at the end of 1945, but they were still celebrating into […]


Civitan Club Honor Certificate

I found this certificate at Second Time Around Flea Market in January of 2015. I did some research on and was quickly able to find the granddaughter of the man who received this wonderful certificate.  After contacting her on Facebook on 29 January 2015, I was able to return it to her in person […]