Month: March 2015

Maxine and Leonard’s Music Career

I found these music papers at Antique Warehouse a few months ago.  They once belonged to a woman named Maxine Beel and her writing partner Leonard LaCour.  They both wrote music in the 1950s.  The papers include a letter from Mr. LaCour to Mrs. Beel, sheet music for a song called “Night Wind”, a recording contract, a stack of song releases for radio stations, payment from a radio station, and information from the record company.

I originally wanted to split up the papers to give them to both Maxine Beel and Leonard LaCour’s family, but after contacting numerous people connected to Leonard LaCour, I was sadly unable to find anyone who knew his family. So I returned the whole collection to Maxine Beel’s family.

The papers were returned to Maxine Beel’s great grandson, also a musician, on 11 March 2015.