Month: April 2015

Four Baby Birth Date Plates

I found these four adorable little plates at the Goodwill Riverdale Store on the 27th of March 2015. They were 99ยข each, so you know I just had to buy them! It didn’t take very long to find the owners of the plates, I found all of the “babies” on Facebook the same day. But they all lived out of state, and I had to think about how I would handle returning them, so I put them aside for a bit.

When I returned to the project a few weeks later, I looked for relatives in their Facebook friends that might live in town, so that I might be able to pass them on to them instead. I ended up finding the perfect one, a cousin that is very close to the siblings.

So I contacted her and she happily agreed to meet up, we ended up having a wonderful lunch together, and she now has the four plates. I cannot wait to hear how the siblings respond when they each get their own baby plate back. They don’t even know that she has them. Who knows, they may not even know they exist! Exciting!

The baby plates were returned to their family on Monday, 20 April 2015.