Dog Tags

Harold Ray’s Dog Tag

I purchased a single dog tag from Antique Warehouse back in August 2015, about the same time that I returned Ira Monroe‘s dog tag to its family.  This newly acquired tag belonged to a man named Harold William Ray (1918-2006) who served in the Navy during World War II.


Using and Facebook, I was able to find one of his daughters and get in touch with her about returning the tag to family.

harold_ray2HAROLD W. RAY, 1940s

 “He brought up 4 daughters who absolutely adored him and adore him still. We treasure every memento of him that we have. To him, everything was “beautiful” and he left beauty, especially his warm friendly smile, everywhere he went. ” – Linda Dondlinger

Harold Ray’s dog tag was returned home on 7 January 2016.

Harmony, Bless You! My family is all a-buzz about the arrival of this most precious item. This actually marks the tenth anniversary of our father’s passing. We truly believe he has orchestrated this entire discovery for us, his daughters. We will follow-up with a picture that you can post on your blog. Again, words can not fully express our gratitude but I’ll say it anyhow, “Thank You!” Linda Dondlinger

Harmony, Our father was a devoted husband, doting father and grandfather. But it was never a secret how proud he was to serve in the Navy and how much he loved our country. I truly believe he guided your hand in finding his dog tag. Bless you and all your future finds! With much thanks from the Harold W. Ray family.
Dee Ann Riordan(the oldest daughter)

Ira Monroe Dooley’s Dog Tag

This dog tag was part of my military collection.  The tag belonged to a man named Ira Monroe Dooley (1893-1963).  He served in both World War I and World War II

To find its family, I used both and Facebook on 1 August 2015.  I was able to locate one of his great-grandsons in just one day. He was quite excited to have some family history.


I returned Ira Dooley’s dog tag to the Dooley family on 10 August 2015.

Daner’s Dog Tags

I found these WWII dog tags once belonging to Daner Lee Starks (1909-1971) at Sheffield Antique Mall a few years ago. I sent a message to his daughter Myrtle on in early 2014, but didn’t receive a reply until 3 July 2015. I discovered this is the only item, besides a tattered old photograph, his daughter will have of his.


I will never be able to thank you enough for what you have done for me, and in the process I think I have made a friend for life! Thank You Harmony!” – Myrtle

I returned the dog tags to his daughter on 13 July 2015.

Elvin’s Dog Tags

I found these dog tags on in 2013.  I was able to find the owner by contacting the funeral home that handled Elvin’s funeral. It turned out that not only did the owner of the funeral home in Jackson, Missouri know Elvin’s son Mark, but Mark worked just across the street from him!  So he gave me his work address, I packed the dog tags in a nice little white box, and mailed them to him on 9 September 2013.

A little over a month letter, I received a sweet letter from Mark thanking me for returning his father’s dog tags. That’s always the best part. I will treasure this letter forever.