Dorothy’s Wedding Record Book

I’ve had Dorothy’s 1940s “Bridal Chimes” wedding record album, which I purchased from Antique Gallery, for a couple of years.  It’s a beautiful record book published by C.R. Gibson & Company in Norwalk, Connecticut, and purchased as a gift from Dorothy’s friend Marie at The Goldstein-Migel Company in Waco, Texas.

dorothy01 dorothy02     dorothy03     dorothy04     dorothy05
dorothy06     dorothy07     dorothy08     dorothy09

Using both Ancestry.com and Facebook, I was able to find Dorothy’s son Bob and sent him a message on 6 November 2015.  Almost a year later, on 27 October 2016, I received a reply. Bob and I spoke via Facebook and phone and he put me in touch with his brother, Richard, who lives nearby and could pick up their mother’s wedding book in person.

The book was returned to Dorothy’s family on 8 November 2016. Richard said he had never seen it before and that I had made his brother very happy.

José the Chihuahua and his Paper Doll Family

I found these two 1950s Christmas cards in a box of stationary purchased last year at thrift shop Mid-South Outlet. They each came with four removable paper dolls (that fit right in Santa’s bag!) with the each person’s name, or nickname, on them: Buddy (Francis the father), Betty (Betand the mother), Lynda (their little angel), and José (the chihuahua).


I was able to find Betand using Google and Facebook and sent her a message and photographs. I figured they were so adorable, and old enough, that she may not have copies and would love to have them again. She was thrilled!

Many hugs to a special person.” – Betand

I returned the Christmas cards to Betand and her family on 8 September 2015.

Billie McCall Gray’s Book of Poems

I found an old address book at Second Time Around Flea Market in the Summer of 2014. It had been repurposed in the 1970s by an older woman named Billie McCall Gray into a book filled with typed and handwritten poems and writings, along with clippings, drawings, and a few pieces of mail. 

I attempted to find her family in 2014, but failed to find any connections. I went back to it in July of 2015 and my research led me to Mrs. Gray’s son’s obituary on FindAGrave which I was able to use to find her grandson and contact them.

 “Thank you so much for the package! We’re enjoying reading it!

I returned the album of poems to the Gray family on 4 August 2015.

Four Baby Birth Date Plates

I found these four adorable little plates at the Goodwill Riverdale Store on the 27th of March 2015. They were 99¢ each, so you know I just had to buy them! It didn’t take very long to find the owners of the plates, I found all of the “babies” on Facebook the same day. But they all lived out of state, and I had to think about how I would handle returning them, so I put them aside for a bit.

When I returned to the project a few weeks later, I looked for relatives in their Facebook friends that might live in town, so that I might be able to pass them on to them instead. I ended up finding the perfect one, a cousin that is very close to the siblings.

So I contacted her and she happily agreed to meet up, we ended up having a wonderful lunch together, and she now has the four plates. I cannot wait to hear how the siblings respond when they each get their own baby plate back. They don’t even know that she has them. Who knows, they may not even know they exist! Exciting!

The baby plates were returned to their family on Monday, 20 April 2015.

Maxine and Leonard’s Music Career

I found these music papers at Antique Warehouse a few months ago.  They once belonged to a woman named Maxine Beel and her writing partner Leonard LaCour.  They both wrote music in the 1950s.  The papers include a letter from Mr. LaCour to Mrs. Beel, sheet music for a song called “Night Wind”, a recording contract, a stack of song releases for radio stations, payment from a radio station, and information from the record company.

I originally wanted to split up the papers to give them to both Maxine Beel and Leonard LaCour’s family, but after contacting numerous people connected to Leonard LaCour, I was sadly unable to find anyone who knew his family. So I returned the whole collection to Maxine Beel’s family.

The papers were returned to Maxine Beel’s great grandson, also a musician, on 11 March 2015.

My Mom’s Favourite Necklace

About ten years ago my parents’ house was robbed and the thief stole a lot, if not all, of the jewelry. One of my mom’s favourite necklaces, a star necklace my father had given her in 1975, was among them. She has been upset about losing that necklace ever since.

On 25 February 2015, I went to the Mid-South Outlet to check out their boutique. I looked at a vintage baby rattle, but decided against the $1.95 purchase. While at the register at the front of the store, I changed my mind and went back to get it. As I was waiting for my stuff to be packed up, I was looking down at the jewelry and saw something I recognized. A star necklace that looked just like the one my mom had lost!! I couldn’t buy it myself, as it was priced out of my range, so I snapped a photo and texted it to my mom.

Now you could say, “It’s just another from the same batch made in the 1970s!“, but when my mom picked it up, she was able to tell that it was definitely the one she owned. And after speaking with the woman behind the counter, she discovered a few other pieces of her stolen jewelry had recently been sold at their thrift shop boutique.  Even though she had to pay to get it back, she is very excited about having her necklace again.

Harmony : Patron of lost things.” – My mom

I helped my mom get her favourite necklace back on 26 February 2015.

Juanita’s Wedding

I got these papers, along with a bunch of others not belonging to Juanita, at Antique Warehouse a few months ago.  They came in a wonderful old suitcase which I didn’t take the time to go through until just last week. Juanita got married at the end of 1945, but they were still celebrating into 1955!


Using Google, I was able to find an obituary listing living relatives which led me to her daughter Kelly on Facebook. She didn’t say much, other than to ask how I came across the papers, but she was interested in having them.

I returned them to Kelly on 19 February 2015.

Blanchard’s Twin Brother was a Cub Scout

I found Jimmy Tual‘s Cub Scout Graduation certificate at Second Time Around Flea Market. I can’t remember when I found it, because I kept it for quite a while. I thought it was cute and I like Cub/Boy Scout items.

In December 2014, I decided to look up the names on the certificate. I was saddened to discover that Jimmy had died 21 April 2012.  But I also discovered that he had a twin brother named Blanchard! So I wanted to contact him and ask if he would be interested in his brother’s certificated.


As I have done before, I sent photocopies of the item to an address I found on whitepages.com to make sure it was correct and wanted. I quickly received a phone called from Blanchard, who is a really nice guy! And he was really happy at the possibility of having it returned.

During the holidays, I came across something else related to the Tual family. A Malco pass to a free movie from 1961, made out to his parents Mr. and Mrs. Blanchard Tual.

It was very close to Christmas, and he had family in town, so schedules were busy and it was forgotten about. On 16 January 2015, I hand delivered the items wrapped as a package to the Tual house, which happened to be just a couple minutes from my own.

Ten days later, I received a thank you letter from Blanchard.