Bucky’s Scrapbook

I purchased Bucky’s 1950s scrapbooks, photos, and school papers from Antique Warehouse in mid-2015 with the intent to repair and then research to return, but since it was so large, it ended up being put away in a suitcase until March 2016.

bucky02 bucky03 bucky04 bucky06 bucky07

bucky01When I finished repairing the scrapbook last month, I then used and Facebook to research the name and was quickly able to find one of his relatives online. I sent a short message and a few hours later received a couple reply messages.  Then actually spoke on the phone to Bucky himself!


Bucky was very happy to hear that his scrapbook had been found and said that could not wait to show it to all his grandchildren. He had lost his scrapbook, photographs, and school papers he while still in the process of filling the scrapbook (full of clippings of his football career at Georgia Tech), so it’s been lost for more than 50 years. It’s wonderful to finally be returning it back to him.

The scrapbook, photographs, and papers were returned to Bucky on 31 March 2016 and 11 April 2016.

Thanks to Bruce Hughes at Antique Warehouse Mall!

Gleasons Back Home for the Holidays

Since early summer, I have been collecting photographs from Antique Warehouse that once belonged to a family with the surname Gleason (many photos are about or over 100 years old). Since they are all spread out over a large family tree, and I have an subscription, I decided to scan them all at a high resolution and post them online for anyone researching this large family to find and share.

On 19 November, I received a message from the grandson of one of the younger family members in the tree. It turns out he had never seen many of these photographs that I posted online of his grandfather and extended family.  Since he didn’t even have any photos of his grandfather as a child, he asked if he could have some of the photos, which of course is what I do! So, I sent him all the photos I had of his grandparents, great-grandparents and even his great-great-grandmother.

I forgot to take a photograph of all of them for the blog before I mailing them, but here are some scans from Ancestry.


I reunited this batch of Gleason photos with their family on 30 November 2015.

Patricia’s High School Photo Album

I found this large photo album at an antique shop a year or two ago at a thrift shop called City Thrift. It sat in my living room along with a bunch of other old photo albums I had and I had forgotten that it had photos in it as the others were all empty. I rediscovered it when I posted the others for sale in my Etsy antique shop Baudelaire Antiques.


The album wasn’t full, just the first few pages had photos and clippings and the rest had remnants of the rest of the contents having been ripped off the pages.  But it had enough information for me to find it’s original owner, a young girl that graduated Chaffee High School in Chaffee, Missouri in 1947.  I used and to find her and eventually contacted her on Facebook on 8 August 2015.

She now lives in Memphis, Tennessee with her family and was absolutely thrilled to hear that I had found her album. When her family moved her to be with them, she lost many of her own things and the album was one of her things that was accidentally slipped into the thrift shop boxes.

After speaking on the phone with Patricia, we decided to meet up at a local library so she could pick up her album. She was really sweet and happy to receive the it back. And I really enjoyed being able to return it in person.

I returned the album to Patricia on 19 August 2015.

Siblings Hattie and Charles

This is a cabinet card photograph, circa 1890, that I believe I picked up at at Sheffield Antique Mall a few years ago. I used, and most likely an obituary, to discover that the baby, Charles, had a living grandson in Memphis, Tennessee.

I contacted the grandson, John, in 18 March 2015 via Facebook. Communication was slow, but we decided to meet and exchange the photograph at a local library.


I returned the photograph to Charles’ grandson John on 21 July 2015.

Harold’s High School Photos

I picked these photos up, along with a bunch of others (including the photo of Michael and Nancy), at Town Square Antique Mall in Collierville, Tennessee on 1 July 2015.  They are both of the same teenaged boy named Harold. The small photo was taken in 1930, when he was a sophomore, and the larger photo was taken in 1932, when he was a senior.

I used and to research his name and used what I found to look up his daughter Patti on Facebook. I contacted her about the found photos the same day that I purchased them.


Thank you so very much!!!! My Dad passed in 2006 at 92 and I miss him every day.
My brother and cousins will love this story!!!
” – Patti

She kindly offered to pay for the shipping of the photographs and for the costs of the photographs, which I will put towards future returns.

I returned the photos of Harold to his daughter on 18 July 2015.

Michael and Nancy

I found this adorable snapshot of two children, siblings Michael and Nancy, at Town Square Antique Mall in Collierville, Tennessee on 1 July 2015. The photograph is dated “July 1939”. I used to find relatives and was able to find a cousin of theirs on 3 July 2015.

I discovered that the children grew up in Long Island, New York and no one in the family knows how the photo ended up all the way in Collierville, Tennessee.


Wow, that is really mind blowing. And thank you again for sharing!
This is a bizarre story and I can’t wait to share it with Nancy!

I returned the photo to their family on 18 July 2015.

Juanita’s Wedding

I got these papers, along with a bunch of others not belonging to Juanita, at Antique Warehouse a few months ago.  They came in a wonderful old suitcase which I didn’t take the time to go through until just last week. Juanita got married at the end of 1945, but they were still celebrating into 1955!


Using Google, I was able to find an obituary listing living relatives which led me to her daughter Kelly on Facebook. She didn’t say much, other than to ask how I came across the papers, but she was interested in having them.

I returned them to Kelly on 19 February 2015.

Kathleen and Ira’s Wedding Album

I found this wedding album at Mid-South Outlet in their boutique section in January 2015. I thought it was such a beautiful album and it was so sad that it had somehow ended up in a thrift shop.


I found their granddaughter, Kaydee, almost right away on Facebook that evening and sent her a message.  She was completely over the moon.

You are an angel to reunite our family with that beautiful cherished album.

I returned the album to her family on 29 January 2015.

Jack Pirtle’s Chicken

I believe I acquired this circa 1905 cabinet card of Orva and Hershel Lewis from Sheffield Antique Mall in the mid-2000s.


Upon researching the names years later, I came across the history page of the old website of Jack Pirtle’s Chicken. Young Orva would grow up to marry Jack Pirtle and the two of them would run the now famous chicken restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee.


I returned the photograph to their son and his wife, Cordell and Tawanda Pirtle, to their company office on 22 January 2015.

Photos Thought Lost in a Fire

I found a large batch of photographs, in a water damaged album, in the summer of 2014 that belonged a family with a baby born in the mid-1980s named Bobby. They were from Second Time Around Flea Market. I almost gave up looking for him, because I kept running into dead ends.  I put them away for a while, then went back to them at the end of the year.

In early January of 2015, I found an address on that I believed could be little Bobby’s home, so I made photocopies of the photographs, wrote a quick letter, and mailed them to him on 12 January 2015.

The next day, I received a phone call from the young man. He sounded out of breath, he was speechless. He could not believe that these family photographs even existed. He didn’t even have any baby photos! “We thought they were all lost in a house fire!”, he told me.  He also told me, with excitement, that he couldn’t wait to show them to his mother. “She’ll flip!”


I returned the entire batch of photographs to Bobby on 16 January 2015.