Gleasons Back Home for the Holidays

Posted on: November 30, 2015

Since early summer, I have been collecting photographs from Antique Warehouse that once belonged to a family with the surname Gleason (many photos are about or over 100 years old). Since they are all spread out over a large family tree, and I have an subscription, I decided to scan them all at a high resolution and post them online for anyone researching this large family to find and share.

On 19 November, I received a message from the grandson of one of the younger family members in the tree. It turns out he had never seen many of these photographs that I posted online of his grandfather and extended family.  Since he didn’t even have any photos of his grandfather as a child, he asked if he could have some of the photos, which of course is what I do! So, I sent him all the photos I had of his grandparents, great-grandparents and even his great-great-grandmother.

I forgot to take a photograph of all of them for the blog before I mailing them, but here are some scans from Ancestry.


I reunited this batch of Gleason photos with their family on 30 November 2015.


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